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Personalised professional counselling support for young adults, adults and 


Conveniently located on Sydney's Northern Beaches
in Fairlight or anywhere via Zoom

Supporting your mental health and wellbeing wherever you are at right now.

One to one counselling helps people cope more effectively with life's many challenges. Talking to a professional when you are ready to take that next step can be life changing.


Before diving in, I take time to understand your situation and perspective, what works well and what doesn't, and what matters most.  I then draw on a range of evidence based therapies to tailor a practical approach to help you get more out of life whilst targeting issues such as:

  • stress 

  • anxiety in its many forms 

  • depression

  • impact of past trauma

  • difficult emotions

  • problematic thoughts including overthinking

  • transitions including parenting, work, divorce and separation,  

  • grief and loss

  • procrastination and time management

  • relationship issues, including family and friendship issues, loneliness, conflict, boundaries and communication

  • unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

Face to face and online telehealth options. 
Private rebates may apply.


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