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 Forest & Nature Therapy

The research only confirms what the ancient wisdom in our hearts knows. 

Slowing down and mindfully connecting with nature through our senses is a powerful antidote to the stresses and lifestyle diseases of our busy urbanised lives. 


There are many simple ways of doing this. We can increase our sensory awareness in natural settings.  Options range from making time to sit and "just be" in the moment in our backyard garden to spending a few hours immersing in nature on a guided Forest Therapy walk. 

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Forest Therapy (aka Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing) is an evidence based public health practice found to be effective in combatting the physiological and psychological impacts of our stressful lives including reducing stress, anxiety and negative mood as well as enhancing positive mood, relaxation and vitality. 


To compliment my mental health and wellbeing work, I have completed the full certification training with the International Forest and Nature Therapy Alliance (INFTA) to be a Forest Therapy Guide (for a bit of info see ). 


Contact me to discuss organising a Forest Therapy walk or other stress busting nature based practices for individuals, workplaces and groups.

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