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 Counselling Services

Who I Can Help

I provide tailored, caring and discrete counselling services with a particular interest in supporting people over 18  

  • Adults

  • University students (and their parents)

  • Professionals and Corporates 

  • Couples

 How I Can Help

We all get "stuck" at times, especially when life overwhelms us, and we find ourselves not feeling or living as we would wish.​

I help people address concerns including: ​

  • problematic stress and burnout 

  • anxiety and depression

  • ​difficult and painful emotions and thoughts

  • overthinking things

  • dealing with the traumatic past 

  • procrastination and time management concerns

  • disconnecting from who and what matters to you

  • behaving in ways that do not reflect how you would like to be​

  • transitions especially career and family related

  • grief and loss

  • relationship issues including managing differences and conflict, dealing with past hurts, loneliness, boundaries

  • complex people and situations

  • spirituality issues

  • and other life challenges


I integrate appropriate evidence-based psychological strategies and interventions to achieve a personalised and holistic approach to your mental health and wellbeing.  

In terms of my training and experience, strategies to support you may be:

  • person-centred 

  • trauma informed 

  • attachment theory informed 

  • "third wave" Cognitive Behavioural therapy, especially Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or “ACT”

  • psychoeducational

  • longer term psychotherapy or brief 

  • about being mindfully present more

  • and in the case of couples, Gottman couples theory based.


Private insurance rebates may apply.

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