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My services

  • 45 minutes
  • 19.99 US dollars
  • Meredith Wagstaff Clinical Counsellor

Service Description

￿￾<p class="font_7">You might be feeling stuck or overwhelmed for any number of reasons, including struggles with&nbsp;anxiety &nbsp;depression, the impacts of trauma. Perhaps painful, negative events, thoughts or feelings, or relationships are having such an impact on your life that it is robbed&nbsp;of meaning and vitality. You know you want to change but don&#39;t know what the first step is.&nbsp;</p> <p class="font_8">Supported by evidence&nbsp;based&nbsp;psychological&nbsp;interventions&nbsp;within a strong, trusted therapeutic relationship,&nbsp;clients can:</p> <p class="font_8">&bull; identify where they are stuck and what needs a fresh approach<br /> &bull; clarify values and what gives meaning to inspire and motivate change<br /> &bull; learn to&nbsp;respond to difficult emotions, thoughts, people, behaviours and situations in more flexible, life enhancing ways.</p>

Contact Details

  • Northern Beaches, NSW, Australia

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